Children of Scotland

Mar 16, 2019
Children of Scotland

Three years ago we wrote our first song “Fight the Night” and realized we had a lot to learn about making music. I decided to go to school at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona and learn how to better record the bagpipes and edit my own music. My wife Jessica went to a summer program last year at UCLA to learn how to make Hollywood-quality videos. This song is our first attempt to apply what we’ve learned in our school programs to a new video. We still have a lot to learn, but we’re loving the process and hope you enjoy it.

Our Growing Family

In the middle of chasing our dreams, we had our second child and are now working on our third. Jess will be having another baby boy this August. Parenthood has kept us busy, but we’re hoping to get more chances this year to update the blog and create more music.

Children of Scotland

I’ve been wanting to make a modern adaptation of “Scotland the Brave” for a while now. I wanted it to capture the epic feel of the original classic tune but add some modern, cinematic hits and elements. “Children of Scotland” was the result.

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